Teacher Academy

Teacher Academy is a pathway for students in the Education and Training career cluster.  The Teacher Academy program is a high school program with courses designed to attract students to the field of education, to provide information and field experiences relevant to pursuing a degree in education, and to prepare students for the rigors of a career in education so they will remain long-term educators.  The Teacher Academy pathway includes classroom and hands-on experiences that will prepare students for employment or continuing education in the education field. 


Year 1 Prerequisites:

  • C or higher in English (previous year) C or higher in Math (last course taken of specified by instructor)


  • TABE Reading Score (8th grade or higher) and instructor approval


  • Instructor approval


Year 2 Prerequisites:

  • Pass Year 1 with average of 70 or higher
  • Score 50% or higher on the CPAS  summative assessment
  • Attendance rate of 92% or better Year 1
  • Successfully complete a grade, discipline, and work ethic review by the instructor
  • Present an updated portfolio during the review-by-teacher session


  • Instructor approval
Bachelor Degree Programs
  • Secondary and Post Secondary Education
    Most colleges and universities in Mississippi offer a Bachelor of Arts/Science in a secondary or post secondary education program.
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