Follow these steps to attend college next fall.

  1. Complete an application form. Some college programs require additional application forms (example LPN, RN, Cosmetology, etc).
    2.  Apply for housing. This often requires a deposit.
    3.  Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as October 1st.
    4.  Apply for State Aid.  This includes the MTAG.
    5.  Apply for the In-District Tuition Scholarship if attending East Central Community College. 
    6.  Complete and return all scholarship applications on time. 
    7.  Retake the ACT if needed.
    8.  Register for the first orientation/pre-registration period.  This gives more flexibility in class schedule and choice of instructors. 
    9.  Attend the 1st day of class.  Some schools drop students from the roster immediately if they miss the 1st class. 
    10.  Check the school's attendance policy.  Some schools drop students from the roster immediately after the set number of absences.
    11.  Keep your grades up.  Students begin to lose scholarships and financial aid if their grades fall below a set GPA. 
    12.  REMEMBER, application for financial aid is a yearly process.  You must apply for it every year you plan to receive assistance.